Our Team.


Master Entertainer

Business Owner. Thinker. Reese’s Fanatic. Justin’s passion for music and entertainment began as a child, influenced by the unique poetic sounds of Stevie Nicks and the incredible performances of Michael Jackson. God and music has been the center of his entire life. He continued on a performance pathway by investing his efforts into furthering his education at Full Sail University as a Bachelor of Music Production. In 2016, Justin founded Traveling Sound with the dream that he could provide the best private-event, entertainment experience in all of Ohio. Enthusiastic about the future, Justin continues to grow the business with an open-mind and an open-heart.


Master Entertainer

Personality. Red Head. Sushi-Devotee. Michelle fell in love with music and discovered her gift of singing as a little hometown girl in the choir of a church. As she got older, she became obsessed with the ability to write, produce, and spread her ideas through music. She dreamed of her own record albums, cassette tapes, and being heard on the radio. Being successful at this, Michelle continued to pursue a career as a Disk Jockey and started a business in 2005 called Tye Dyed Entertainment. The rest is only love, peace, and history. Michelle is a seasoned entertainer with more than 1000 events performed. Wherever Michelle is, the party follows.


Assistant Entertainer

Rock/EDM Lover. Photo Booth Expert. Gummy Bear fiend. Brent’s love for the entertainment industry became apparent when he joined Traveling Sound in 2017. He brought a fresh perspective on the endless possibilities of our services. Whether in the background or front and center Brent is knowledgable and experienced with highlighting the most important details. His philosophy is: Do great today, but do even better tomorrow.


Assistant Entertainer

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Coming Soon!


Assistant Entertainer

Lady Gaga maniac. Life-Long Dancer. Cake connoisseur. After high school, Chad hit the ground running and immediately entered the entertainment industry as a radio host with two successful shows. He is a highly-skilled entertainer and uses his knowledge to perfect his many talents including producing music, photography, videography, and graphic design. Chad is a passionate LGBTQ+ activist and supports equal rights for everyone. He produces a modern daily vlog in which he focuses on relatable and real-life scenarios in order to share information. 

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